It is one of the Sager Group companies providing consulting services in the health sector and on a wide range in terms of management and construction of hospitals.

Sager for consultations has focused on the health sector, and with its specialized staff, it can propose solutions to the complex problems of the health sector and rely on renewal to find its solutions.

Our goal is to find permanent solutions for our customers in the shortest possible time and at the lowest possible cost.




With recent economic progress, Turkey has become a pioneer market for investment. Large investments as hospitals or advanced hospital group in the health sector have attracted our attention.

But investment in Turkey, especially the investment of hospitals, we have to analyze and review all the economic information and the budget of the hospitals planned to purchase, and the details of the project must be analyzed accurately. If we want to establish a new hospital, the initial feasibility calculations are a prerequisite.

As Sager for Consultation has a major concern in the health sector, its expert staff can provide special consulting services for you. If you want, you can only take advisory services for the health sector and basic hospital management analyzes. If you wish, we can follow the procedure instead of you, starting from the construction of the hospital.

Services provided by Sager for Consultations are as follows:
– Evaluation of economic indicators, general social and economic situation in Turkey.
– Evaluate the state of the health sector in the country where you want to construct the hospital.
– Evaluate the impact of legal regulations on the sector.

Consulting for hospital purchase
– Analysis of the status of hospitals in the sector.
– Hospital financial analysis and financial performance.
– Profit rates before deductions.
– Productivity rates in the hospital and in each section separately.
– Analysis of expenses
– Analysis of the doctor’s entitlement system.
– Measuring cash flow performance.
– Measuring the performance of invoices.
– Measuring the practical performance in hospital.
– Evaluate the performance of the entire hospital period (including all periods from appointment to patient admission, from surgery to radiological period).
– Analysis of patient satisfaction rate and CRM application.
– Analysis of human capacity performance (rate of employee renewal, employee satisfaction, etc.).
– Analysis of business promotion with brand.
– Analysis of hospital activities that increase revenues (health tourism etc).
– Medical Performance Management
– Evaluation of medical outcomes (complications, infections, infection rates, etc.).
– Analysis of IT infrastructure and software used.

Consultations on the construction of new hospitals
– Budget planning
– Choose the hospital building place
– Preparing hospital decorations
– Statement of medical departments in the hospital
– Specify the appropriate architectural styles for the work
– Planning the vital infrastructure and organizing its purchase period.
– Insurance of work permits according to legal regulations.
– Consulting in the hospital administration.
– Planning the system of appointment and eligibility of the doctor.
– Planning staff recruitment and creating organizational chart.
– Creating of information infrastructure.
– Identify all steps passed by the patient from the day of hospitalization to the day of discharge.
– Creating purchasing system.
– Setting prices and installing pricing policy.