Healthy life is the most important point in the center of our life. Every time we breathe, we take care that our health is better holistically. It is our fundamental right to receive effective and equitable health care when our health is threatened in some conditions. In our globalized world the health costs have been increasing, in fact, the certain treatments aren’t integrated in the patient’s own country, and the quality of health care qualifications that has been developing in different parts of the world affects this equality. In line with this service requirement, increasing cooperation between countries and facilitating transportation bring health tourism.

Health tourism aims to offer medical options to ensure the comfort of patients and their families. In parallel with the high level of education and welfare in the developed countries, the provision of health services is costly too.

In recent years, tourists come to our country from all over the world for the purpose of treatment because our country offers health services at a level that can compete with qualified health services in developed countries. Health tourism targets population, people with health problems and people who want to protect their health.

We can categorize health tourism as the following:
* Medical Tourism.
* Advanced age and Disability Tourism.
* Thermal Tourism and (Spa) – Wellness.

Bursa is one of the most efficient places in terms of health tourism in Turkey. The most important values of Bursa are the presence of thermal )Spas(, )spa( centers, comfortable accommodation, clean environment and advanced hospitals where professional medical services can be obtained in every area.

In Bursa, which is a haven of healing waters, our guests get successful results in terms of physical therapy and rehabilitation, and at the same time they are getting a total comfort with )spa( treatments for their spiritual calmness.

In Bursa, in addition to thermal treatments, the health services required by hospitals with a valuable categorization of medical treatments can be taken perfectly. It provides its guests with a complete health system with its services in hair implant, dental prosthesis, eye implant, aesthetic operations, beauty services, heart, physical therapy, skin diseases, orthopedic medical and other fields.

While our guests are busy with their treatments, at the same time, they can experience a full holiday feeling by visiting the tourist spots where they can feel the historical texture of Bursa. Bursa, which is a world heritage site with natural riches and historical capital, continues to host guests from all over the world.

Sager is a company that deals with patients in all parts of the earth, where the best experience is connected with the lowest possible costs. As an international health tourism company, it offers a commitment to provide the best treatment in Turkey and a model of professionalism, strength and experience.

In the Sager structure there are carefully selected hospitals. This network of hospitals has been selected through the experience of tens of years for the Sager Health staff and their ability to read patients’ thoughts.

Sager through reading for the whole period of illness can choose the hospital and the appropriate doctors, where the initial meeting between the patient and the doctor chosen for his illness. It ensures minimum treatment and operations costs in Turkey, where the company offers lower prices than the hospital itself, with the obtaining the same services guaranteed by the company.

We are aware of the difficulties facing the patient to obtain medical services in a foreign country and have a culture that is different from his culture. Therefore, we accompany our patients in all stages of treatment in order to feel as if they are in their countries. With SAGER company, we guarantee health tourism comfortably and safely.


Sager in the field of international health tourism is working through the offices or representatives in:

– Bursa (main center)
– Istanbul
– Trabzon
– Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
– Kuwait


How can the patients arrive for the Sager Company?
The patients can arrive for the Sager company by:
– Internet
– Phone numbers or e-mails of staff specialized in patients in the Sager company.
– Through Sager offices or representatives located in their countries.

Period of treatment planning
If our patients want to come in the process planning period, with pleasure they share with us the planning the treatment period. But when our patients send us all the information and results of the tests we will prepare a plan with the specialist and share that plan with them.
The planning of the specialist to conduct quality treatment for the patient is done through our consultation. If there is more than one method of treatment we tell the patient and take his opinion to give the appropriate decision.
Patients through the Sager company can reach the best doctors at maximum speed. We assess the patient’s condition within 24 hours and give him the appropriate decision.
Patients can compare with all treatment centers through accessing the necessary information. He can compare all the techniques used to treat his condition.
He can also compare all the prices he reaches and choose the right budget for him.

Arrival to Turkey
The plane ticket is booked by the Sager company or by the patient as his request. If traveling by plane is not appropriate for the patient’s health condition, the patient is taken by the Sager company with the aid of the plane.
If the patient wants to stay in the hotel before treatment or after, the booking by the Sager company as patient’s request. The Sager company has got contracts with hotels near hospitals in all over Turkey. Depending on the patient’s budget, we can coordinate the hotels he wants to stay in among alternative solutions.
When the patient arrives in Turkey, he is welcomed by the Sager company representatives and take him to the hotel or hospital.

Treatment period
The treatments are performed by the best doctors in the hospital. On the day of treatment, the patient is transferred from the hotel or airport by the Sager company.
Patients will not have any communication problems because the Sager company assistants will be next to them and speak their language.
Sager company is next to the patients in 7/24.
All stages of treatment are monitored by specialist doctors.

Departure from Turkey
The Sager company organizes all the procedures necessary to make the patient out from the hospital.
We inform the patient of the dates of review or how to care after the operation before leaving the hospital.
Transfer the patient to the airport.
If the patient wants to make tourism trips, the Sager company organizes the trips.

After treatment The patient can communicate with the Sager company after returning home for observation after treatment.
You do not need to search for alternatives such as hospitals, treatments and alternative prices. We are at Sager company did all the research and inquiries about the alternatives for you. The Sager company crew and specialist doctors monitor the patient’s condition in all its stages and inform patients and their relatives about that.