Sager is a company that exists in Bursa city/Turkey. In the beginning of its establishment, it was interested in consultations and education. After that, it was interested in health and tourism between countries. According for that, it has turned into a company with three different fields. It consists of the following companies:

Sager for consultation and education
Sager for international trading
Sager for international health tourism

Sager Travel is a long-established tourism network for many years, takes the principle of welcoming thousands of guests happily and returning them to their homes with the same happiness. The Sager family continues to provide services in health care travel and treatment systems by establishing the SAGER HEALTH & TRAVEL brand and adding strength to it with a professional staff.

For a healthy and quality life, SAGER HEALTH & TRAVEL is at your service.

Why should I choose sager health travel?

Sager Health Travel has given many years of experience in the field of tourism, combining its dominance in the health sector with the same precision to serve its guests in every place of Turkey.

  • Comfortable flight reviews
  • Friendly welcome
  • Hotel transfer service with VIP cars
  • Comfortable stay service
  • Transport to the hospital with VIP cars
  • Diagnostic and treatment process in hospitals with modern technologies and specialized doctors
  • Support service




One of the most important determinants of success in companies is the exploitation of human resources activities and improving their performance. Sager for Education offers unique solutions for enterprises and processes corporate needs through a project approach.

Our aim is to provide the best training required to meet the needs of companies and as short as possible, taking into account the customs and traditions of the countries of the students.

The Sager for Education offers options for different education programs for foreigners who come to Turkey for education in universities that have become pioneer in Turkey.

Working Hours

  • Monday - Friday10:00-18:00

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