Oncology is a branch of science that researches the formation, causes, diagnosis, treatment and relationship of tumors in the body to heredity. As both cancerous and non-cancerous cells are examined, this broadens the areas of interest in oncology. Medical Oncology. Who examines chemotherapy practices what it means to treat cancer with medicines. Cancer prevention screening, cancer screening and early diagnostic practices are done. Sager Health Travel is always with you in all life threatening cancer diagnostics and treatment with the aim of finding a solution to your inconvenience at every point in Turkey. Which consists of advanced technical equipment and specialist doctors in hospitals will allow the treatment program most suitable for you.

Sager Health Travel hosts many local and foreign patients and takes care of healthcare professionals who care about customer satisfaction. They guarantee a comfortable stay with your companions.

Our oncology services in modern health institutions:

Head and neck tumors, brain tumors, uterine cancer, cervical cancer, breast cancer, lymphoma, thyroid cancer, stomach and intestine cancer, pancreatic cancer, liver cancer, gallbladder and bile duct cancer, lung cancer, soft tissue sarcoma, kidney and bladder cancer, malignant melanoma, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, testicular cancer, multiple myeloma.