Eye health is of great importance in terms of quality of life, and if the eye is not treated early, it may exacerbated into permanent damage, including vision loss. For this reason, it is important to conduct regular eye checks and detect potential eye diseases before the problem gets worse or accumulated.

In the Department of Ophthalmology, services are provided in branches such as the retina, vitreous, refractive surgery and ophthalmoplasty. Glaucoma, diagnosis and treatment of macular disease, refractive defects, flatulence, pediatric ophthalmology, early retinopathy, retina and corneal diseases.

Sager Health Travel is always with you in all areas that you need in relation to the health of your eye with the aim of finding a solution to your discomfort in every spot in Turkey.

With advanced technical equipment and specialist doctors in hospitals who will allow you to have a suitable treatment program from here Sager Health Travel hosts many local and foreign patients and takes care of healthcare professionals who care about customer satisfaction. They guarantee a comfortable stay with your companions.