Enjoying a healthy life for our women means moving society to the future in a healthy way. Early diagnosis and treatment are of great importance in gynecology. Sometimes the desire of many families to have children is not possible due to financial circumstances .

The influence of professional equipment and medical professionals in the treatment process is very important. Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Menstrual disorders. Impotence. Sterility. Vaginal problems. Placental disorders. Childbirth problems. Follow up on pregnancy. Miscarriage. Uterine diseases. Ovarian problems. Birth control methods. External genital organs. Cyst and fibroid operations.

The laboratory monitors, diagnoses and treats many gynecological diseases such as cesarean delivery, fertilization and pregnancy procedures.

With advanced technical equipment and specialist doctors in hospitals who will allow you to have a suitable treatment program from here Sager Health Travel hosts many local and foreign patients and takes care of healthcare professionals who care about customer satisfaction they guarantee a comfortable stay with your companions.